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Birds and Avian Items for sale

Seller For Sale Contact Details
Scott Eriksen Normals, Cinnamons, Opalines, Spangles, Dominant Pieds & Yellow Face. Phone: 0419 776 837
O’Callaghan Family Quality Normals, Opalines, Lacewings, and Dominant Pieds – available now! Phone: 07 4926 1635
Darrel Fisher Clearbodies, Dilutes, Greywings, Lacewings. Just culled 2016 stock. Phone: 0417799291

CBS Breeders Directory

Breeder Status Varieties Kept Contact Details
Agnew, John # # #
Eriksen, Scott Open Normal, Cinnamon, Opaline, Spangle, Dominant Pied, Albino, Lutino, Crested
Gardiner, Rod & Val # # #
Gourley, Roy* # # #
Nutley Family # # #
O’Callaghan Family* (Kev) Open Normal, Australian Whitecaps, Opaline, Lacewing, Yellowface, Spangle, Dominant Pied
Ogden, Russell & Cheryl Open Normals, Cinnamon, Opaline, Spangles, Lutino, Albino, Dominant Pied
Rankin, Robin # # #
Robinson, Ron Beginner Recessive Pieds, Normals, Lutino, Cinnamon
Schneider, Ian* Open # #
Williamson, Gordon* Open Normal, Spangle, Cinnamon, Opaline, Clearbody, Lutino, Albino c/o

* Denotes Life Member

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